DOES YOUR RETURN POLICY help you make sales? Or does it lie flat on the screen, used only when it is too late to save the customer?

I ask because I came across this friendly, well-conceived return policy from WordPress theme designer PageLines:

What is your refund policy?


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ON SATURDAY JUNE 18, 2011 I discovered the perfect ecommerce website. And below I will give you the #1 reason for this perfection. But first let me tell you why Simplisafe—a seller of do-it-yourself home alarm systems—gives a clinic in making the cash registers ring.

Include lots of features and [...]

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Sharpen your pencil and follow these easy directions

IF YOU HAVE EVER written an advertisement, you know that the headline makes or breaks the ad’s selling power. This is because headlines are the first—and oftentimes only—thing read by busy consumers.

What many marketing pros do not know is that there is a science and art [...]

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WHAT MAKES A TV COMMERCIAL sell products? It is an important question because today’s fragmented and time-shifted TV audience means that advertisers had better make every TV ad dollar count. That means getting back to fundamentals.

The following TV spot, written by my friend and talented scriptwriter Peter Fulford, demonstrates [...]

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AT FIRST GLANCE selling sugar soda has nothing to do with selling diamonds. But the marketing technique made famous Pepsi Challenge from the late 1970s has everything to do with selling diamonds.

I will explain why in a minute. But first let’s refresh our memory about the Pepsi Challenge. The challenge went like this. A [...]

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STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY is perhaps the worst thing to happen to advertising since the so-called “creative revolution” devolved into cleverness above all else.

To get my point, take a few minutes to look at your typical business website. Or flip through a magazine. Like the nearby stock image, how many photographs feature guys who are sitting [...]

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MY WRITING techniques no longer work—now that I know about open loops. Take a look at the diamond ad written by the ad wizard Roy H. Williams; truly amazing. I believe this guy has the lowest prices! Wonderful stuff.

Antwerp, Belgium, is no longer the diamond capital of the world.

Thirty-four hours on an airplane. [...]

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